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Create your own Taylor Swift fan bracelet

Create your own custom bracelet that is uniquely yours as a Swiftie or design a gift for a Tay Tay fan. Watch your design come to life on the screen as you......

Gifts purrrfect for any

Come on, we know its really you and don't be shy about it, show off your cat obsession with PRIDE.


For the modern animal lover who wants to take their jewelry to the next level. MiSiPi Design have a collection of GEOMETRIC style animal jewelry.
FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE on all orders US$100 or more.
With a huge selction of animals and pendant designs, you will leave with your very own zoo

Can't find your favorite Animal?

Our collection might be huge, but we are no match for the size of the jungle. So if you cant find your favorite animal or you want to make some changes to our standard design, send us a message and we will see if we can make you a custom piece.

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Our Earrings Collection is the perfect accessory to make any outfit complete. Choose between studs or drop down earrings and different designs of animals depending on your style.
MiSiPi Design About Us Photo, showing the 2 cats and dogs who's first to letters of each pets name make up the brand name MiSiPi

About US

MiSiPi Design is a jewelry company that features animals in their designs. We have a variety of animal designs and can even create custom pieces if you cannot find the animal you are looking for. Each piece is made by hand at our workshop, and gets the final paws up approval from my 2 cats and dog before shipping.

The name MiSiPi actually comes from the above mentioned 2 cats and dog. It’s the first two letters of each of their names put together, no, it was not planned to name them all with “I” as the second letter, it just so happened.

As someone who loves both animals and jewellery, I decided to put them both together and create this brand. MiSiPi Design is about more than just selling jewelry - we are here to provide joy for those who may need some extra happiness in their lives.


I cannot recommend this store enough! I wasn't 100 percent sure about what special details to use on my custom made ring and MiSiPi Design team went out of their way to thoughtfully provide several options. Top notch communication during the whole process, great prices for an AMAZING piece. I am so thrilled with this purchase and plan to continue shopping with MiSiPi Design in the future.


Lovely jewelry in design and quality at great prices. As someone who loves both jewelry and animals, I was thrilled when I stumbled across this site.

Julia Gunnarson

I had almost forgotten my girlfriends birthday and had no idea what to get her. As she is crazy about owls with no real expectations, I search for owl jewelry and thankfully found this site. It arrived in the nick of time and she loved it. Pheeew, thanks for saving me Misipi Design

Anthony W


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